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Vulpine Esports: Revolutionising the UK Grassroots Esports Scene with Diversity, Inclusion, and Non-Toxicity

Founded with a passion for gaming and a commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive gaming community, Vulpine Esports is a UK-based grassroots esports organisation that is making waves in the industry. Since its inception, Vulpine Esports has been dedicated to championing diversity, promoting inclusion, and combating toxicity, all while nurturing the competitive spirit of gamers across the country.

With a strong belief that esports should be a welcoming space for all, Vulpine Esports strives to break down barriers and provide equal opportunities to individuals from all walks of life. By actively encouraging participation from underrepresented groups, including women, people of colour, and the LGBTQ+ community, Vulpine Esports has become a beacon of diversity within the esports landscape. Their inclusive approach not only creates a richer gaming experience but also sets an example for other organisations to follow.

Vulpine Esports is on a mission to reshape the esports landscape, one game at a time.

Luke "TheFinalTilt" Squires

COO Esports Operations

Luke is an established esport owner with years of experience in the industry at grassroots level. He is an avid supporter and pioneer in establishing teams in many different genres, and like Lizzie has a passion for expanding diversity and inclusion in esports.

Lizzie "Kiti" Squires

CEO and Educational Consultant

Lizzie is both the CEO of Vulpine as well as a lecturer in Esports and has extensive experience both within the esports industry and the education sector both at University and College levels teaching and advising on the esports industry. Like Luke her focus is on supporting and being a mentor and innovator for inclusivity and diversity in esports. She has been a finalist in the GameHERS Global Educator of the Year 2022 and has spoken at events such as ESI, community events and education across the UK

Bryce "Bricycle" Glenwright

Visual Director

Bryce joined VLP as an overwatch player back in 2020 and with his wealth of knowledge for organisation and expertise in graphic design, he is now the main point of call for any tournaments and activities in the community

Vulpine is mainly an online esports organisation which operates in the south of the UK. We do have an official mailing address and other forms of communications in our contact us section
There are many ways in which you can join Vulpine as a community member as well as participating as a  volunteer staff member or support.

We welcome everyone to join the community discord server here where we have a safe and inclusive space for all gamers.

If you are looking to join us as a player or member of the esports teams please contact our Recruitment Manager here

To contact us about joining as a student placement please email the CEO Lizzie Squires at

We currently have an FGC team which include some of the higher level players in the UK.
We also have a League of Legends team which is currently competing in the NLC
Vulpine has had a long standing relationship with many different schools colleges and universities, supplying a multitude of options including:
Visits and talks
Day workshops
Week events management workshops
Student internships and placement

Please contact our CEO Lizzie Squires for more information
There are many ways to get in touch and you can find this all on either the contact us page or by talking to one of the team whose details you can find here  
At Vulpine we strongly advocate for equality as well as being a safe place for anyone to come and enjoy the industry. There is a blog post which can tell you more about why we support this here 
Currently Vulpine operated as a voluntary organisation so there is not fixed funding available for players and staff.
Each of our community and management create this amazing space as a volunteer, and although we are hoping to look for funding in the new future in order to give even more people that experience, this is not the case as of the time of writing.

If you want to know more about what we do please contact us.
Yes we do and please fill out the form here if you feel you need to talk to us in confidence about something.

Please also make sure you have read and understood the VLP whistleblowing policy before filling in the form 

VLP staff supporting the team at LionsCreed at the Game Tech Manchester Tech Week at Media City, Manchester

  •  17/05/2023 12:16 PM

Vulpines commitment to supporting education in the UK

  •  10/05/2023 12:17 PM
  • Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Abercrombie Road, Lee Valley VeloPark, London
  • E20 3AB