Luke "TheFinalTilt" Squires

COO Esports Operations

Luke is an established esport owner with years of experience in the industry at grassroots level. He is an avid supporter and pioneer in establishing teams in many different genres, and like Lizzie has a passion for expanding diversity and inclusion in esports.

Lizzie "Kiti" Squires

CEO and Educational Consultant

Lizzie is both the CEO of Vulpine as well as a lecturer in Esports and has extensive experience both within the esports industry and the education sector both at University and College levels teaching and advising on the esports industry. Like Luke her focus is on supporting and being a mentor and innovator for inclusivity and diversity in esports. She has been a finalist in the GameHERS Global Educator of the Year 2022 and has spoken at events such as ESI, community events and education across the UK

Bryce "Bricycle" Glenwright

Visual Director

Bryce joined VLP as an overwatch player back in 2020 and with his wealth of knowledge for organisation and expertise in graphic design, he is now the main point of call for any tournaments and activities in the community

Stuart " Esports Stuuey" Kosters

Director of Education