24 Jun

As Pride month draws to a close we wanted to accentuate and revisit who we are and what we stand for, not just during Pride month but all year round.

At Vulpine Esports, our mission is to foster an inclusive and diverse environment within the esports industry. We firmly believe that everyone should have an equal opportunity to participate, compete, and thrive in the world of esports, regardless of their background, gender, ethnicity, or any other defining characteristic.

We are committed to breaking down barriers and challenging the existing norms that hinder diversity and inclusivity. We recognize that diversity drives innovation, fosters creativity, and brings together a wide range of perspectives that enrich the gaming experience for everyone involved.

To achieve our mission, we actively promote an environment that is welcoming, respectful, and safe for all individuals. We strive to provide equal opportunities for players, coaches, and staff members from all walks of life, empowering them to showcase their talent and reach their full potential.

We prioritise the representation and amplification of marginalised voices within the esports community. We actively seek out and support underrepresented groups, including women, LGBTQ+ individuals, people of colour, and individuals with disabilities, ensuring their voices are heard and their contributions are recognised.

In addition to fostering inclusivity within our organisation, we work tirelessly to promote diversity in the wider esports industry. We collaborate with like-minded partners and organisations such as our partners Z-Game to advocate for systemic change, influence industry practices, and champion initiatives that foster inclusivity at all levels. As such we were one of the first grassroots esports organisations to be partnered with UKIE in their #RaiseTheGame initiative see here for more information

Vulpine Esports is dedicated to creating a future where every individual, regardless of their background, feels welcomed, valued, and celebrated within the esports community. We believe that by embracing diversity and inclusivity, we can build a stronger, more vibrant, and more exciting esports landscape for all to enjoy.

Together, let's shape a more inclusive and diverse future in esports, where every gamer can proudly say, "I belong."

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