17 May

This week Vulpine staff were out in the wilds of Manchester supporting our friends at LionsCreed Esports in their League of Legends show match tournament at the Game Tech week in Manchester between two local University teams.

Both Bri and Dale spent the day helping organise and support the team at LionsCreed with tournament organising and player management to help the day run as smoothly as possible.

Bri who is one of the longest serving members of the team here at Vulpine, said 

"The event yesterday was great, we got introduced to the Lionscreed team on the morning and by lunch time we were helping out with the showmatch. We spent the day being the main contact for both Manchester Met and Salford University helping them with whatever they need whether it be technical issues or making sure they have everything they need. The experience was great and helped me widen my skills from just online tournaments etc"

This was also Dalus's first adventure out with Vulpine and was really happy to see us and esports in action.

" Taking part in the GameTech esports showmatches as part of the Manchester Tech Week was a fantastic experience, as someone who has stepped away from the scene for a while due to mental health, I couldn't have asked for a more supporting, entertaining and genuine group of people to have worked with on my first step back. The staff from LionsCreed, and in particular my contact point - Oscar, made the day easy for us with the preparation that had been done before hand and were a credit to both their organisation and the esports scene as a whole. The facilities HOST provided were fantastic, and you could tell just from a quick look at the environment they are seriously invested in committing to gaming and esports. I just hope that we managed to put on a show for all in attendance at the event. Being able to represent Vulpine at the event in collaboration with LionsCreed, I hope contributed to a solid foundation of collaboration between the two organisation and hopefully becomes part of a long and healthy relationship, as I feel the two have very similar core values and are both working to make strides to change the esports space for the better by overcoming the silent obstacles that nobody is willing to talk about. "

The GameTech week at Media City run by IN4 is a huge hit and looks to be celebrating Manchester Tech Week in style.  "IN4 Group, a UK leader in digital transformation and talent development, it helps businesses adopt digital technologies, and recruit highly skilled, diverse workforces capable of the innovation they need to thrive. Its mission is to establish the UK as the place for pioneers in the fourth industrial revolution by supporting businesses to be early adopters of industrial digital technologies, building a workforce that will support innovation and creating exciting new job opportunities that keep talent in the region" (HOST Salford, 2023) 

LionsCreed Esports plays an integral part in supporting IN4 and has just announced its partnerships providing a junior league and LionsClash tournaments for the region (https://twitter.com/HOSTSalford/status/1658761610347921409?s=20 

All in all a great day for our foxes and we cant wit to see where they end up next!

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