Online and in person


Lions Creed Lions Clash Esports Event Broadcasting (representing London Legion)

You will be supporting Lions Creed Broadcasting staff for an event run within the organisation including:

  • Helping create and manage broadcasting schedules
  • Responsible for set up and recruitment and retention of casting and on air talent 
  • Work closely with the tournament organiser and other areas of the event to coordinate timings and transitions of the streamed event
  • Working with sponsors/marketing to include any promotional material
  • Coordinate with in game observers and on air talent during the broadcast
  • Communicate with all areas to make sure the broadcast runs smoothly 


The role requires good communication skills as well as the ability to understand how a broadcast schedule works and runs in real time (support will be given)

Having a proactive and enthusiastic approach to tournament/event organisation is essential as well as an understanding of Discord and broadcasting platforms .

The position will run for approx.. 6 weeks one evening a week online and then be part of the finals production at ESI London 2023 in October 


This is a voluntary position for university work experience only 


The benefits include access to a working esports organisation and gain valuable experience working within the industry on a project specifically designed to allow students to get esports work experience.


You will be responsible for not only representing the College/School you have applied from, but also responsible for representing Vulpine while you are with Lions Creed .