Online and in person


Vulpine Esports Event In Game Observer

You will be in charge of observing and coordination of in game footage, including:

  • Working closely with the broadcast team to show relevant and good quality showcasing of games on broadcast
  • Responsible for direction and placement of camera work within the broadcast
  • Taking direction from the on air talent and producer on gameplay direction
  • Inform broadcast team promptly of any in game issues such as freezes, disconnects and keep the TO informed at all times


The role requires good communication skills as well as the ability to read and understand some areas of broadcasting and good quality observing

Having a proactive and enthusiastic approach to tournament/event organisation is essential as well as an understanding of Discord and broadcast platforms such as Twitch 

The ability to learn and adapt quickly to situations and respond in a professional and calm manner is also essential to the integrity of any event Vulpine runs as well as adhering to our ethos of inclusivity and positivity.


This is a voluntary position for school/college work experience only 


The benefits include access to a working esports organisation and gain valuable experience working within the industry on a project specifically designed to allow students to get esports work experience.


You will be responsible for not only representing the College/School you have applied from, but also responsible for representing Vulpine while you are with us.